Saturday, 7 December 2013

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My blog for the Guerrilla Trek, Nepal (April 2014)
My blog for the Scottish National Trail (August to October 2014)
My blog for the Iceland Traverse - North to South - July 2014

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I am grateful to all of those whose writings so benefited me. I followed the footsteps of the first three on a daily basis, both reading them ahead and also re-reading sections afterwards to savour the experience. 
I commend the writing of the fourth and especially the piece "Bare on Night Mountain" which describes a salutatory lesson. It merits "read, mark, learn and inwardly digest".

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Post-HRP PDF files

The following PDF files are available for download from Google Drive.

1. Gear Review contains a list of what I took and what I thought of it.
2. Places contains a table of all my campsites with co-ordinates and comments.
3. Resupply contains a table of all the resupply points I used and comments.
4. Water contains the co-ordinates of all the water points I recorded.
5. Wifi contains a short list of the places where I had internet access.

Post-HRP GPS files

The following files are available for download from Google Drive.

1. Places (v1) contains all the waypoints of my campsites.
2. Water Points (v1) contains a number of waypoints where water can be found. It is far from exhaustive but does cover areas where this matters most.

Post-HRP Bundle

This bundle (v1) is available to download from Google Drive.
It contains all the individual files (PDF) and two GPS files (GPX).

Pre-HRP Bundles

The following bundles of files are available to download from Google Drive.

1. Bundle (v6) contains all the files that I created prior to the walk.

2. Documentation (v4) contains just the readable files (Kindle and PDF).

3. GPS (v4) contains just the GPS files (GPX and POI)